Guns One, Tobacco One, Government Nil

The Supreme court in the United Staes has extended gun rights to every state and city in the nation, in a ruling likely to spur new challenges to gun control measures across the United States.

The decision was a setback for Chicago’s 28-year-old ban on handguns, which will now face a fresh judicial review and is likely to be eventually overturned.

Legal challenges to existing laws restricting gun use in other states and cities are also expected.

This is bound to be a big kick in the teeth for Americas gun control lobbyists, but the kicking doesn't end there:

In another ruling in favour of common sense, The US Supreme Court rejected an attempt by the federal government to wrest billions of dollars in damages from the tobacco industry.

Apparently the government wanted the tobacco industry to fund a 14 billion dollar smoking cessation program. This was originally proposed by the Clinton administration in 1999 and eventually appealed to the supremem court by the Obama administration.

Supremem Court says no...