Bloggers, Followers and Nuclear War

It seems this poop I'm scooping has got me six followers. Hi folks!
It feels good as a new blogger, to see that some people are actually interested in me, so I decided to take an interest in them and have a look through their blogs and profiles.
One of my new followers (you know who you are) has listed under his favourite films, Threads, the 1984 film about a nuclear attack on Britain, centered around the lives of people in Sheffield.

I watched this film when it was first shown on TV and have recently downloaded it bought it and added it to my collection.

This scene

is one of the scariest things I have ever seen and has been etched into my memory ever since.
It doesn't matter how scary you make a fiction film, this is something that could have happened (even still could).

It really wouldn't matter what we blogged about, what beliefs we fought for or what we protested about. If this ever happened it would all be over.

Nice thoughts for a Friday night. I think I'll have another beer.


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