Whatever happened to the propaganda ministry?

I have noticed something missing from my life over the past few weeks. I've been unable to place what it was. Its like when you can here a clock ticking but only notice it when it stops. Somethings missing but you can't quite put your finger on it.

Well its just come to me. Government advertising on drive time radio. Before the election, at least 50% of the adverts on my local radio were advertising government "services" that we can't do without. Now there's none. At least I don't remember when I last heard one. It's kind of a nice feeling realising that they have gone.

Most of these adverts, I believe were commissioned by the Central Office of Information, the New Labour ministry of propaganda. I've not hear any talk of their funding being cut or the department being scrapped but they certainly seem to have gone quiet. Or is it just me?

If they have gone away, you have to wonder what carnage will be left behind? Are we all going to die on level crossings? And where can I get my snack swapper from now? I can't tell the nutritional difference between a banana and a Mars bar without a little cardboard disc.

And as for all those mothers who "Sometimes feel overwhelmed" when they have a new born baby to look after. What on earth will they do without the protective arm of the Labour party to turn to? Think for themselves............? **giggle**