Mosquito bites and the Libertarian stance.

I follow the Big Brother Watch blog because I hate all this big brother nannying we get in modern times. I have never disagreed with any of their posts until now. And even now, I'm not sure I do disagee with it.

Apparently the council of Europe want to ban the Mosquito device. That thing that emits a high pitched noise that only teenagers can hear.

BBW makes the quite valid point that if we had a device for dispersing OAPs or middle aged people, it wouldnt be so well accepted.

They make the point that from a libertarian point of view we dont blanket target the many for the problems created by the few.

I have blogged previously about a playground that the council (in their infinate wisdom) built outside my house.

I have never had problems from OAPs or middle aged people but I do get random groups of teenagers stopping by our house to sit on my car for a bit (same with the neighbours). If I could afford a mosquito I might be tempted to put one outside my house and turn it on from time to time.

I have CCTV in my backyard now. See earlier. I hate rampant CCTV but mine only covers my property. Its the same where I work.

BBW say that the responsibility lies with the parents to teach their kids a level of respect. Thats true, but in the absence of that respect, should we not have our own solution.

I wouldnt advocate mossies on every street corner like we have with CCTV but what about if a shopkeeper wants to keep gangs of kids away from his storefront? Or if a homeowner wants to keep kids of his banger?

There is always the function creep though, isn't there.

Im not sure on this one. Johnny five needs input.


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