D. I. Bloody Y.

Friday evening again, Mrs Moose is off out with all her fork lift truck driving collegues (dont ask), so I though I'd do a bit more on my loft conversion.

Everything I've use so far, I've got free from work. Now I'm building a little stud wall to box off a corner for cupboards so I needed some bits of 2 by 4. There is a wood yard in walking distance so I went there. I think when I walked in and asked for "The wood stuff you use for the wall thing", they saw me as an easy mark.

I was quoted four quid for ten feet of wood so I bought 40 foot, plus a small peice of pine edging strip to finish of a shelf. £30 quid!!! When I queried it he said, eye lad, 16 quid for the 2 by 4, plus a tenner for the little bit of pine, plus VAT.

It was only this week, after the budget that I was saying I never buy anything VATable. Food, Clothes occasionally from the charity shop and thats it. It must have been some kind of omen.

So anyway, it's much to hot to work up in the attic anyway, so that idea has been shelved until tomorrow.

I've just applied for a shotgun licence. See Ranty for more, so I decided to concentrate on some home security. (At this point I had had a few sccops already). I've installed CCTV (Gah! I know, but its my property, so bollocks) in the back yard, put chicken wire on the wall and razor wire over the double doors. Ive also made wooden bars to reinforce the back door. Not bad for a few hours work.

Mrs Moose has no idea but I'm sure she won't mind when she gets home. She's as batshit crazy as me.

So the only thing left for a Friday night is to get on the blogs and make sure I'm not the only sad bugger at home blogging at 7:30 on a Friday evening. Anyone out there?


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