Devils in skirts

Equality 2024
Everyone is equal. Some are more equal than others. Some are not equal, but if the right people are not equal, that's equality

Got it?

Then I'll continue

‘Just let us audition’: UK transgender actors appeal to be cast in non-trans roles

Kim Tatum, Mariah Louca and Reece Lyons combine to call for trans women to be put on an equal footing for cis roles

This level of doublethink could only appear in the Guardian
Male actors who think they are female actors, want to play female parts

But whenever a straight actor plays a gay or trans role, there is holy hell to pay

So to sum up, straight actors can't play gay or trans roles. Trans actors can play straight roles. Female actors who think they are male actors, don't seem to be involved in this

When the men in dresses have pushed all the females out of sports, they'll do it to film and TV too


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