Who understands 'Inclusive'?

Fury as Green Party mayor bans meat from menu to save planet and be more 'inclusive'
Just the kind of thing you'd expect from the Green Party. A total lack of understanding of both green issues and inclusivity
The first Green Party mayor of Worcester has been criticised for removing meat from the menu at mayoral receptions to be more 'inclusive'.
Councillor Louis Stephen said that only vegetarian or vegan food would be available after full council meetings at the Mayor's Parlour in Worcester Guildhall. He argued that plant-based food is "more inclusive" as many non-Christians do not eat pork.
The only argument he makes here, is that he's an imbecile
If some 'non-Christians' don't eat pork, the way to be inclusive is to offer a no pork option. Removing all meat for all people is the total opposite of inclusive
The councillor asked: "Why has a decision been made to deny any choice for the 93 per cent at post-Council receptions by instructing that no meat option for the 93 per cent should be provided?" He questioned: "Who made this decision? Who else was consulted? Is this another example of the tyranny of the illiberal Left?"
It is. It's also an example of the brainlessness of the liberal left. To normal people like us, being inclusive, means including everyone
To the left, being inclusive means only including the people they approve of and excluding everyone else
The councillor, who was a mayor between 2014 and 2015, added: "We always had an option for vegetarians and an option for vegans.
That's inclusive
Green councillor Marjory Bisset, joint leader of the city council, hit back saying he did not believe it was a "diversity and equality issue".

She explained: "I do not think not being able to eat meat at a particular event is a diversity and equality issue. There are only six such meetings a year, is it really such an imposition to be deprived of meat on these six occasions?"
Yes it is. Because it absolutely will not end there


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