The things you read on economics blogs

It's a pretty safe bet that reading Tim Worstalls blog will not subject you to much more than a dry economic analysis of some misguided newspaper reporters views on capitalism, or the occational comedic swipe at Richard Murphy, the man with the economic knowledge of a pigeon

Sometimes a short article will crop up that has nothing to do with economics and more to do with letting us know that Tim reads some off the reservation, and occasionally questionable material. Presumably for blogging input rather than pleasure

With all that in mind, I expect Tims blog to be the kind of thing I can read while eating my lunch, without risking losing it over my keyboard. But there's a first time for everything:

Ok, so I didn't see that coming. I have commented a few times on the filth that the trans cult is trying to introduce in schools, with the drag shows for kids and the childrens books filled with trans porn, so I thought this might benefit from a little more analysis at my place

It was the use of the word, 'Transfag', which I haven't encountered before. To me it seems over the top smut, disguised as something that's supposed to be an everyday word, with the veiled threat of, I dare you to comment

So I clicked the link (Link supplied for information purposes only. I advise you not to bother)

The article begins:
When my partner and I decided we wanted to seek out casual sex partners, we were hopeful
I won't quote any more than that. What Tim said about a hookup not being a respectful thing, was a huge understatement where this article is concerned. From the first paragraph, it descends into a tale of unashamed depravity and filth, told as though this is normal everyday life for the couple involved, and for their wider 'community'

These are the people fighting an ideological battle with normal human beings and trying to get their way of life taught, even encouraged, in education settings for very young people. And these are the people who are claiming the moral high ground

Unfortunately, they also seem to be the people who are winning, as all the institutions and political class (with a couple of exceptions), have capitulated

I'm so glad I chose not to have children, with disgusting perverts like these around


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