65 Inches of Crap

Our telly is on the blink, it has been for some time. The sound is gradually fading. Every now and then, we have to turn the volume up another notch or two, so sooner or later, it will pack in all-together, and there is no option for plugging in outside speakers on our telly, as it's quite old now

I don't watch much actual telly on my own. We tend to watch more stuff on the internet; series here, film there, but rarely anything as it's broadcast on TV, but Mrs Bucko is a big fan of the telly and watches a lot of it when I'm at work and she isn't (She does a lot of nights)

She will happily spend all day watching Murder She Wrote on some american channel, or PC Copper thinks he's spotted someone not wearing a seatbelt, on some English daytime filler station, so she's of the opinion we should have a new TV

And she wants a big one. She told me so

Anyway, I've put off the new TV idea for some months now, but I nipped into town on Saturday and decided to go in Cash Converters to see if they had a Playstation controller. What they did have, was a huge 65 inch smart TV for £350

After some testing and some talk, I managed to get a £60 surround sound system thrown in for free and agreed to the sale. And it wouldn't fit in my crappy car

I don't live far from the shop, so the sales girl drove the TV to my house in her car. Customer service you wouldn't expect

Anyway, to say the least, it's too bloody big for the unit, I had to fit some planks under it for the feet, It's too bloody big for the room, we only have an average terrace, it's too bloody big for anything really, it's just a daft indulgence

However, Mrs Bucko is over the moon and I'm very popular

I spent Saturday night while she was at work, tuning in all the channels and loggin it to all the apps and stuff. I figured there must now be some decent channels and some better stuff to watch, than basic Freeview, but no. It's 65 inches of crap

But Mrs Bucko gets to watch an Angela Lansbury who's now bigger than I am. So all is well


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