So I gets to work this morning, has a fag, makes a brew and sits down at my desk. Two of the polish packers came in the office, one who can't speak a work of English and one who speaks a little

The one with a bit of English says, "She very sorry, she drive on car park and she bump"

So she bump, obviously means she hit my car. I asked if she did any damage and she said "Yes!"

So, decisions
I had this in my mates garage a couple of weeks ago for a new fuel pipe and he found a large rust hole under the rear arch, along with other indications that it might need a fair bit of welding to get it trough the MOT

I have it booked in again next week so he can asses exactly what will need doing and the cost, so I can decide if I get it done or sell it now with a couple of months test left on it. I've been secretly hoping someone would run into the back of me and I can just get it written of and get some money, but this girl is a colleague, so I've given her the option to pay cash for the damage

I'll be taking the car in after work for a quote. I think she may be in for a bit of a shock though

My guy is cheap, but it can still cost up to £250 to have a bumper re-painted, plus the cost of removing it, reparing the mountings and refitting, assuming the bumper can be salvaged, which looks likely

So if she gives me the cash, what do I do?
Keep her money and don't get it fixed
Keep her money and kick it until it fits back into place and hope the scratches buff out
Keep her money and get it fixed, even though I might not be keeping the car
Keep her money and put to towards the cost of the welding

With hindsight, it might have been better to just go through the insurance. I'll see what my guy says tonight and take it from there. the quote may yet make her eyes bug out

But then the insurance will probably just write it off, and I don't have anything else in the pipeline, which means I'll have to buy it back and keep driving it

This is either going to be a blessing in disguise, or some kind of monumental ball ache

Oh well, shit happens