We've seen it a couple of times this week

First Paypal shut down the accounts of the Free Speach Union (Among others), only to backpedal when supporters all began closing their own accounts

Then we had Sussex Police on Twitter telling people it was a hate crime to call the raging peado they nicked, a man, becasue he identifies as a woman. Until the Home Sec replied to their tweet and told them to stop policing pronouns. Backpedaling began in earnest

There may be a fightback on the horizon. I'll not get my hopes up yet, but...

Anyway, I spotted another tiny backpedal with the reporting of the above Sussex Police incident
This utterly ludicrous headline made it into the Metro

I'm not sure if it's the author who creates the headlines, so Harrison Jones may not be the knob I would otherwise call him if he did. The article does actually just report the facts, without resorting to calling people names, but someone at the Metro decided to side with the police on this tomfoolery, and call everyone transphobes for pointing out biological and legal facts

Someone decided to put it right though, as presumably they didn't want the Home Sec to turn up and spank their arses too

It's still the same article, but with a less ill-considered headline. Search on Bing or MSM though, and the old one is still there. If you fuck up on the internet, it never goes away


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