Couldn't happen

There are some things that are just impossible
College student 'forced into sex' by woman who was bigger than him, court told
A bigger girl made me do it? I'm just not buying it
A man has accused a “bigger” and “stronger” woman of forcing him to have sex with her without consent, a court heard.

Imogen Brooke allegedly refused to take no for an answer after going on a date with a college student, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The “very drunk” 30-year-old got on top of the man, whose protests were going “in one ear and out the other,” and started to have sex with him, a jury heard.

After 15 minutes she got off him, rolled over and went straight to sleep, leaving the “violated” man lying in bed in disbelief, the court was told.
I see how she could have pinned him down to the bed and he would have been powerless to move
I can see why she may have ignored him and decided what she wanted was all that mattered
I can't see how the sex actually happened

She's a big ugly fat whap who he doesn't want to do it with. How on Earth did he get it up?

(I'm not asking!)

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