Global heating is the new global warming

If you're bored and looking for something to gape at in disbelief, the Guardian 'news'paper is always a good place to go. Like this article on the armageddon disaster that is climate change

It begins with a picture of a man standing on (presumably) his roof, looking at a huge forrest fire. It then goes on to tell us that all the recent extreme weather exents we've been having, are not like all the other extreme weather events the planet has suffered throught it's multi-million year history, but are actually worse extreme weather events which are caused soley or exasperated by, man made climate change

In fact, it goes all the way back to the 1930's. Climate change deniers such as myself, have often stated that the armageddonists keep telling us the end is nigh, but when nigh actually comes, the end never arrives with it, so nigh is pushed back by a few more years

This article tries to make a myth of that argument, by telling us we have been living with the effects of climate change for decades, even since before the second world war. By confalting every bit of bad weather for the past hundred or so years with climate change, they are trying to kid us that we have actually been living with the devastating effects of climate change for a very long time. We just didn't notice

The only extreme weather events that aren't caused by man made carbon dioxide, are cold snaps and snowstorms. It actually says that. You see, weather is not claimate change, unless it's hot weather, then it is

Also, throughout the very long article, there is no mention of the term, 'Global Warming'. It is now, 'Global Heating'. Many many times.

I've lost count of the number of times they've changed the terminology, as people start to wake up and dismiss the descriptive flatulance of the armegeddon cult

So the article is apparently referencing the results of millions (if they can exaggurate, so can I) of studies going back as far as records began (omitting the fact that in the grand scheme of things, records began after I started typing this)

With this sheer volume of evidence behind them, the pixie worshipping, doomsayers will be insufferably pleased with themselves

Me? I just baffle at the knowledge that people actually believe this claptrap. Who is right? Well in this instance, time won't actually tell. In a hundred years time, when nothing of significance has actually happened, they will just write another steaming pile of scientifically illiterate bollocks and the Guardian will tell us how bad the nothing has been for all this time


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