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Surprisingly enough, I see Brexit has been delayed again
European Union leaders have granted the UK a six-month extension to Brexit, after late-night talks in Brussels.
The new deadline - 31 October - averts the prospect of the UK having to leave the EU without a deal on Friday, as MPs are still deadlocked over a deal.
European Council President Donald Tusk said his "message to British friends" was "please do not waste this time".
Theresa May, who had wanted a shorter delay, said the UK would still aim to leave the EU as soon as possible.
The UK must now hold European elections in May, or leave on 1 June without a deal.
It's becoming more and more likely that we won't be leaving at all. In or out though, some good has come of this. British politics will never be the same again

I didn't vote in the last general election, I just wrote, "Repeal the smoking ban" on my ballot paper. At the time I firmly believed we would have been out of the EU by now, so my decision not to vote was not based on Brexit, it was based on the new Conservative Party Mission Statement

They pretty much said they intended to act like wannabe Blue Labour dictators and get involved in every little minutiae of our lives, which they have been doing ever since. The cruncher was the line that stated they were going to act in this despicable manner because they were Conservatives and that's what Conservatives do

Certainly I'll never vote for Labour again, after what they did to the country post 1997, but the last election took the Conservatives off the table for me too

After all the recent Brexit fun, it seems many other people are the same and will no longer vote for the big parties. I hope that is true. I hope 17.4 million people really are pissed off enough to make their anger count, rather than just being British and making another cup of tea

For now though, I'm pretty much going with the flow. I didn't vote Brexit for me. I holiday in Europe, I want to retire to a European country and I buy all my tobacco in Europe. Most importantly, I don't have children who will need to grow up in the EU, so in my position, I can pretty much ignore the antics of the union while continuing to save money on my tobacco. I voted leave for the people who do have children and for the young folk now entering the real world in a post-democratic era

I wrote a post a year ago about how I would probably vote to remain if a second referendum was forced upon us. Of course I wouldn't actually do that, I'd vote leave however many times they made us do it, but my reasons were sound

I've been building up a tobacco stash over the last twelve months, for me and Mrs Bucko, as I don't fancy paying UK prices if we leave the EU and we're no longer allowed to bring unlimited amounts back. The stash is quite large now, but it doesn't harm to increase it where possible

We're off on holiday to Croatia in a month, where the tobacco prices are quite good. By getting an extension to the Brexit date, all Theresa May has done for me is give me another opportunity to import a suitcase or two full of cigarettes and cigars and add them to the stash

Thanks Mrs M

Hopefully, as the British political system falls apart, the same will happen throughout Europe too and the EU will cease to exist. The country I plan to retire too is pretty good at ignoring authority anyway, but it would still be nice and for a lot more people than just myself


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