Saturday Wibble

Went on a bacci cruise last weekend. Anybody used to go on those? Ferry from Hull to Zebrugge, bingo and a few scoops on the boat, kicked off at crack of dawn, spend the day in Brugges with a hangover, buy loads of tobacco and go back again

We went last Christmas, but the price of cigs had gone up a lot, so it wasn't really worth buying them. Mrs Bucko stocked up last time we went to Corfu and we also get them cheap from other sources. This time we just went for the beer and the experience and I bought a stack of big cigars back, which are still really cheap

Rolling tobacco is still quite cheap, but none of us smoke that now. UK customs seemed to have a bug up their arse about rolling tobacco this time when we came back. The chap asked me a couple of times if we had brought back rolling tobacco, but when I told him I had 420 large cigars, he wasn't interested. It took over an hour to get through customs this time, too, as they were questioning everyone. It took no more than ten minutes to get through Belgian customs

Anyhoo, anyone whose been on these trips will remember the boat. It's been refurbished since we last travelled and they have extended the shop quite a bit. It's still all perfume and cuddly toys though

And they still don't have an indoor bar where you can smoke, the buggers. They've plenty of space to have one and most of the people on that boat are smokers because they're all going to Brugges to get their tobacco

I didn't save money this time by buying my cigars abroad, even though they are half the price of the ones I get on the Internet from Holland. we just spent loads of money on beer and food and buying crap

I did manage to get a massive bottle of Gentleman Jack bourbon and some perfume for Mrs Buckos Christmas present

Oh and a Grumpy cat


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