At least Dick Turnip wore a mask... robbing 'Public Health' bastards

Call for public health levy on booze sellers to be re-instated

Who is making that call?

More funding is needed to reduce the harm caused by excessive drinking a charity has told MSPs.

A charity. So totally funded through public donations, right?
Alcohol Focus Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to consider re-instating measures like the retailer levy on supermarkets selling alcohol to raise cash.
No. A trouser stuffing group of 'public health' whack-a-moles

So who gets the cash raised from the levy?

The charity campaign group said that there has been a cut to Alcohol and Drug Partnerships direct funding by 22% in the last year.
The group said that half of health boards in Scotland did not make up the shortfall.
It called for funding to be restored to the previous levels to help reduce alcohol related deaths and cut the number of hospital admissions due to problem drinking.
 The whack-a-moles get the money

It's just a protection racket, isn't it. A charity demands a bunch of shopkeepers pay them money and gets the Government to go round and make collections, using force if necessary. That money is then used to further squeeze the shopkeepers

And these people have the cheek to complain they are David battling the Goliath of 'Big Alcohol'.

Business lobby groups and alcohol industry “surrogates” are attempting to derail legislation that will reform how alcohol is sold and promoted in Ireland, an alliance of health groups has said. 
The alcohol industry is trying to fight the unassailable torrent of legislative diarrhoea being shat forth from the arse of Public Health and they are painted as the bad guy

Its proposals include minimum unit pricing (to prevent cheap alcohol sales); changed labelling of alcohol to include calories and health warnings; regulation of advertising and sponsorship; and the strict separation of alcohol products in retail outlets.
Yet the temperance movement can simply demand heavy handed legislation that does untold harm to business, the economy and jobs, with the enforcers of the Government backing them up and they are the little guy fighting the good fight against all odds

Pull the other one. I long for the days when all these single issue pressure groups that call themselves charities are completely defunded by the taxpayer and have to become real charities. We've seen that happen to one or two of them and it never ends well

For them. The end result is definitely a small mercy for the rest of us

This scam is so much a blatant protection racket, I'm surprised the Federation of Small Businesses hasn't called the A-Team yet