Friday Tunes - Shut Thee Gob

We've been talking about Friday Tunes in the Smokey Drinkey Bar for the past few weeks and many different topics have been discussed. It's great in the virtual bar, because you can post a music video and everyone logged in can watch it, so we've been experimenting with that quite a bit. There's been some great tunes and there's been some God awful shite

Anyhoo, one genre that got quite a lot of interest was instrumentals. There's a lot of them about and it's a good quality pool to dip into

A couple of my selections first, as I want to start off with some rock n roll

A bit of Beatnik

You can't whack a bit of Johnny and the Hurricanes, but that one does sound a bit like the intro to a 1970's children's TV program

I think the Shadows did this one also, but I quite like the Ventures

Frank did mention a few Shadows records, so here's my favourite

Frank supplied the link the that particular version as it wasn't showing up when I searched

Here's one of Nisakimans choices

It's a bit slow for me that one, but good for insomnia

Have you seen those sat navs you can program with celebrity voices. I used to have one with Fleetwood Mac, but it just kept telling me to go my own way

This is one I've never heard before, but it got great guitar, erm, stuff in it

This one is a little quirky number

I know Frank's into his Duanne Eddy (Eh Nisakiman?) but often the slowies. This one ain't so bad

Time to take it back and bring it up again

A bit of gratuitous sax

One we all know

And we'll finish with this

Maybe next time we do the instrumentals, we'll go a bit more modern. Maybe
That's all folks! Have a good weekend


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