Friday Night Moose Music - No Parking

So once again on a Friday night, I get home and there's a car dumped in my parking space. There's a wide range of opinion on parking outside peoples houses, from those who get so angry, they let down peoples tyres, to those who think that because they pay road tax, they have a right to park anywhere

I'm of the opinion that parking outside someone elses' house is just pig ignorant, but I don't tend to blow my top over it

It pisses me off that it always seems to happen on a Friday night though. I don't like leaving the car up the street on a weekend, an even if my space is clear by six, I've probably had a beer and would get caught moving it (my kind of luck)

My neighbour on the end of the street (a bit of a dick) had some really professional 'Residents parking only' signs made up. He put one outside his house and gave one to me. I painted the front garden in the summer; it really needed doing, looked like dogshit, so tonight I decided it was time to put my sign up

I've been reluctant, cos it's not actually an official residents bay, so it's a bit cheeky. Sod it though. There's another option now I own a massive four wheel drive

Drag the bugger up the street and park in my spot anyway

That action might be frowned upon though

So now the bugger has gone and my baby is safely back outside the house, tonight's music theme is driving*. I hope you like them

Bit of a slowie, that one. Not to be listened to with clinical depression

I like my country a bit more traditional than pop, but the Rascal Flatts ain't so bad

I like my Rock N Roll a bit more Devils Musicy, but the Beatles ain't bad. We saw a Beatles tribute band at a bar called Sallys in Ipsos this summer. They were Hungarian, but they but on a fantastic show

I like my pop a bit less cheesy, but Billy Ocean ain't... Nah, he sucks. That tune is pretty much just sexual innuendos about car parts

That's more like it

And that. That's a car song I actually listen to in the car

And that's one of those little gems I've never heard before but will be doing again. Thank you Google

And finally, a little Brucey bonus

*With apologies to Nisakiman. That selection will come up next week


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