Friday Tunes - Cheesy Tray Bake Without the Tray Bake

Last week we looked at some records that are considered all time classics and should probably never be covered by lesser bands (although opinion was divided as to the 'classicness' of some of them)

This week I thought I'd revisit the idea of cheese. There is some real cheesy shite out there, some good for a laugh, some good for a holiday piss up and some that just should never have been made

Here's a few of my, erm, favourites. Listen and enjoy, if you have the constitution for heavy cheese

When we visited Nashville, we went to a show at the Opry, because it had to be done. We booked for the Saturday night, because Billy Ray Cyrus was playing. When we turned up, we'd got the days wrong. He's been on the night before. Don't know if gutted or releived

I hope Midge Ure doesn't read my blog. Joe Dolce stopped Ultravox getting thier first number one

I've played that one before on this blog and that's because I like it. And I make no apology

I quite like that one too. I still have a copy on 45. Again with the no apology

When I used to DJ for the functions, years ago, I had a bit of a dance I used to do to that record. I'll not go into detail, you'll need the mind bleach

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was that not a Eurovision entry? If I'm not wrong, we didn't deserve to win shit with that one

That one was from an era where everyone was pretty much smacked off their tits and let's face it, you'd have to be pretty much off your head to write that pile of nonsensical nonsense

I couldn't decide what to do for the last one, there's so much choice, unfortunately, so here's a bit of Benny

As always, enjoy your weekend