Food Hygiene Ratings

It was Mrs Buckos birthday yesterday so we decided to have a cheeky Chinese.

We normally go to a place in town called Wangs. There was a report in the local rag just yesterday morning, about some food outlets that had received very poor food hygiene ratings. Wangs was in there with a score of one

It makes me wonder what actually goes into calculating these scores, because we have used Wangs for years and the food is always cracking.

Anyhoo, Wangs is shut on a Tuesday, so we had no choice but to use a different Chinese. Mrs Buckos food was good, but unspectacular My fish and chips were pants. The fish was small, dry and tasteless. The chips could only have been larger than normal oven chips. They were dry, overly crispy and had no salt and vinegar. I'll stick with Wangs in future

So I know there is a lot to do with paperwork when calculating food hygiene scores, but what else goes into it? Anybody know? It certainly can't be anything to do with the quality of the food. Wangs with it's score of one, is always really good. This gaff that wasn't on the list, so presumably had a good score, was pants

So could it have just been a random crappy experience, or do I put my tinfoil hat on and suggest this may be the future of food with increased nanny meddling? Only tasteless crap with no unhealthy ingredients makes it through the inspection?

Nah. Can't be that


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