Proving a point

Apparently a single sexist comment is now worth £360,000
A MANAGER’S ‘clumsy’ comment to a secretary that ‘women take things more emotionally than men’ will cost Britain’s biggest arms manufacturer £360,000.
BAE Systems argued the law had gone mad and attacked the payout to Marion Konczak for ‘a single sexist comment’ as ‘an affront to justice’.
But three senior judges today ruled the 62-year-old was due every penny
‘women take things more emotionally than men’


Well for that to be considered worthy of a payout larger than the woman in question could have hoped to earn in the rest of her working life, it must be incorrect, right?

She took BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd to an Employment Tribunal which upheld the single complaint of sexual discrimination relating the manager’s comment.
Hmm. Fair enough. If the comment was wrong. Which would make it sexist
she had broken down in tears in front of her line manager.
[...] her lawyers said the manager’s comment ‘pushed her over the edge’ into a psychiatric breakdown which ruined her working life.
Mrs Konczak [...] went off sick with stress. [...] the manager’s comment plunged her into a mental breakdown.
Oh come on! She's proved the bloody guys comment for him. He says women take things more emotionally then men and she goes into a batshit crazy hissy fit. Case closed, I'd say

BEA Should get compensation from her