A drubbing in the comments

Some people really should know better
Mum-of-two's horror at discovering mouse in Blackburn McDonald's restaurant
I don't know what these people expect when they get themselves in the local rag. Sympathy? Fifteen minutes of fame? Well she certainly got her fame, but not in the way I imagine she hopped for. She's taking a right bashing in the comments. There isn't even one person who has taken her side. And you can see why
A HORRIFIED mum-of-two watched in disbelief as a mouse ran across the floor of a McDonald's restaurant.
The 24-year-old said she ran out of the store with her kids in fright before making a complaint to McDonald's and council bosses.
"I was just left shocked by the incident as you don't expect to see a mouse when you're eating in any restaurant, let alone a big chain such as McDonald's.
"It's a real food hygiene issue and needs to be addressed."
Those two kids don't stand a chance if that's how their mother behaves, do they?

What grips my shit, is that we live in a time where idiots like this get their publicity and where their stupid complaints actually get taken on board.

McDonalds would not get away with telling her to grow the fuck up, as attention seeking, baby machines like this woman, probably have the power to get them shut down if they wail for long enough and at the right jobsworths
The fast-food chain said it also closed the restaurant for a period of time to allow an independent health and hygiene specialist to conduct a thorough inspection.
Following the inspection, the restaurant re-opened and operated as normal from yesterday morning.

Inspector: "Yeah, it was a mouse. It's gone now.
McDs: "Just as we thought. Fancy a brew"
Inspector: "Eye. Why not"

At least they didn't offer her free stuff or compo. And she's made no friends in the comments. I hope she's thoroughly ashamed of herself. Unlikely though, she's clearly one of the entitlement generation. There's a lot of it about

Aww. Someone give him a McNugget


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