One for the Quiet Man

The Quiet Man often reports on how a certain protected ethnic group gets more favourable treatment than the rest of us.

I spotted two stories back to back in my local paper that highlight just such inequality.

The first is about a school teacher who was accused of assaulting an unruly pupil who he was trying to restrain. He was fortunately found not guilty in court yet is still suspended from his job:
A TEACHER who was found not guilty of slapping an ‘out of control’ pupil remains suspended from his Great Harwood school.
He will remain suspended from the Ash Street school until September and may be facing another internal investigation once term restarts.  
He has the full support of the parents. But not the school, they have rules to follow you see:
“Every parent was just really aghast that it came to that and I think it could have been dealt with internally.”
A spokesman from the children’s and young people’s department at Lancashire County Council said that because allegations had been made, the school had to start its own investigation.
He said: “When the school reconvenes, then they will have to make a decision on how to proceed.
The second story is about another teacher who was found guilty of a horrible catalogue of abuse including assault and bullying.
The boys testified that if they struggled to recite the text perfectly, they would be subjected to name callings, beatings, and made to sit in “stress positions”.
Don Green, prosecuting, told the court one victim said: “He hits people when they do not learn. He uses his fists and slaps them on their body, anywhere.
Teacher number one who was acquitted has no support from the school and remains suspended pending internal enquiries.

Teacher number two has the full support of the school:
He was supported in court by seven members of the mosque committee,
He was given 270 hours of community service and made to pay compensation of £150 to two pupils. I wonder what his punishment would have been if he was not part of that protected minority group?


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