Campaigns get crappier and crappier

Rap star Professor Green in ‘Lose Your Headphones’ campaign

Professor who? Rap star?
RAP star Professor Green is at the forefront of a new campaign designed to ensure young people are not ‘lost in music’ around level crossings in East Lancashire.
At least it's not taxpayer funded
Rail bosses are launching a new online campaign – Lose Your Headphones – urging music lovers to pay more attention when negotiating the tracks at several key locations across the region.

Level crossings figure heavily along the East Lancashire lines, from the gates near Huncoat and Brierfield stations, to the Barkerhouse Road point, in Nelson.
Must be a serious issue then? Carnage on the crossings?
Nationwide there have been two level crossing deaths attributed to people wearing headphones at the time.


Researchers at Salford University are concerned that modern headphones distract users by blocking out any ambient noise from the surrounding area.
Researchers eh? Time for another ban then


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