Evil Tory who hates old people admits....

...National Insurance is just part of the big tax pot.

Pensioners in work should pay National Insurance to help young find jobs, Tory MP claims

I thought NI was supposed to be paid by you, for you, to cover your pension and healthcare? When you reach retirement age you are deemed to have paid enough? Well now you are supposed to carry on paying after retirement age in order to give it to young people.
Pensioners who continue to work should pay National Insurance which could then be passed on as tax breaks to firms who employ young workers, a Tory MP said today.

Therese Coffey said the extra revenue could also be passed on directly to young low-paid workers in the form of a National Insurance holiday.
Let's assume that low paid young people need a National Insurance holiday. Why not stop giving aid to countries with nuclear weapons and space programs and use that instead? Why not stop giving benefits to people who haven't paid a penny into the system and use that instead?

Because governments don't want to cut spending; they don't want to be more savvy with the money they have.

Governments want to keep spending with abandon and take more and more from the people.
According to Treasury estimates, up to £2billion could be raised by changing the rules so pensioners pay NI.
Why not just take their pensions off them. It's the same thing at the end of the day.
Ms Coffey said the extra revenue could be passed on to under-25s on less than £20,000-a-year.
Jesus H Christ on a pony, why!! I'm on less than £20k and I'm 36. Why does someone younger and with less commitments need a tax break?
She said it could be worth an extra £375-a-year to an 18-year-old on the minimum wage of £4.98-an-hour, while saving their employer £450.
An 18 year old should not need more than £4.98 per hour if it comes at the expense of another person who has been working and paying tax all their lives.
'One of the things I have found from talking to employers is that they are not so keen to take on young people and this would make it more attractive.
'When they take on somebody with 20 years of experience they are already really productive.
'I think in this challenging climate they are more likely to go for somebody with experience rather than somebody who is fresh.'
That's just business. When the minimum wage forces companies to pay inexperienced young people more than they are worth, taking on older staff is the logical choice.

This proposal is simply a way of penalising older, more experienced people in favour of those who have not yet gained experience. Those past retirement age in particular, have paid enough.

They have paid their share and do not deserve to be made to pay again for others.


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