Fat whap

I was asked in the comments today, what the term 'Fat Whap' means, and do you have to be fat to be a whap.

I've never really thought about it's meaning before, it's just a good comedy name to call a fat person you don't like, such as Diane Abbot.

So I decided to Google it. It turns out the term does not exist in cyberspace apart from on my blog:

Click to fat whappinate

Therefore I shall claim copyright:

Fat whap©

Now being of a Libertarian bent I would not normally go around calling people fat whaps. I have no concerns or issues with people with ample girth. The size of anothers behind is no concern of my own.

However, when a person with a lardier than average arse begins to stick their noses into the health concerns of others, like Diane Abbot, they are henceforth referred to as a fat whap.

Owing to it's comedic value it can also be used as a term of endearment among family and friends :-)

(Oh, and you do have to be fat to be a whap)


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