Budget response...

....I didn't watch it. More tax, pay up. Cunts.

Since I decided to wrap The Moose up for a while, a couple of weeks ago, I'm amazed at the stuff I haven't watched / read / listened to. I've been that busy I've not taken any interest in politics or news. It was two days after the event before I knew about the shitstorm in Japan.

I've been working my arse off in the week, battering the DIY in the evenings and the weekends, having a beer or two on Friday and Saturday night and breaking it all up by watching some tat on the box or playing on the Playstation.

If that was my regular life I would know bollocks all about politics, the coalition and the continued de-normalisation of various groups in society who just want to be left alone.

Think about it, when you hear some new anti-smoker legislation or some new booze bashing tactic, how easy would it be to just nod along and continue what you were doing?

Easy. So very easy.

Most of it wouldn't affect you directly and the bits that did you could shrug off and accept the reasons as being necessary. It's not me, it's them.

Getting annoyed requires effort, being a sheep does not.

I've missed many posts this past couple of weeks that needed writing. I've missed complaining about so much that needed saying and you know what? My life is no different. Nothing has changed apart from the red mist has not descended for a while which is probably good for my blood pressure.

So all in all, no loss and a net benefit from being off the blog. Could I live like this? Could I be the sheep?

Could I bollocks!

The truth is, it does affect me directly. It affects all of us directly. Every time the government removes a little freedom from your neighbour, or even from your enemy, even though you may not feel it, that little piece of freedom has been removed from you also. And eventually it will get you.

You never complained about legislation A. Why are you complaining about legislation B?
You didn't complain about the smoking ban because you don't like the smell of fag smoke. Why are you now complaining about the fast food ban? They are both for the same reasons of public health, both to protect you?

Whenever I see another loss of freedom I have to complain. Even if it was only a ban on pink toenail polish. I will never paint my toenails (no really) but some people do and removing their freedom removes mine and yours also.

I sometimes bang on about how we British do not have a right to self defence. Last week I bought Mrs Bucko an X-marker.

It looks similar to a pepper spray but it fires a foam substance with a blue dye. It obscures your attackers eyes for a few seconds to allow you to leg it and it dyes their skin blue for a few days to aid in identification.

Because the substance it fires is harmless it is not covered by the firearms act, and therefore is legal.

I bought it on an impulse when I spotted it on ebay with a few minutes left. When it arrived I decided to go online to make sure the law had not changed and they were in fact, still legal as I thought.

It turns out that they are still legal, however the police don't think they should be and will arrest you anyway. It seems that just because the dye is harmless and therefore not covered by the firearms act, this is perceived as a loophole that has not been closed yet.

I read this on a police forum:

Not being an expert on the various makes of non toxic sprays - I would therefore have to arrest on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon. The courts can decide the rest.

This police officer, this servant of the fucking public good (excuse me) would make an arrest based solely on his own admitted ignorance of the law. He doesn't deserve to wear the uniform.

I also found this on a crime prevention website.

A police officer would be able to list a number of legal issues relating to the possession of self defence sprays, , but here's three to consider.

1) If the spray was discharged on a person, who consequently suffers an asthma attack and dies, you could face serious assault or even manslaughter charges.
2) If the propellant damages the eyes of a person it could be deemed as a serious assault.
3) If it stains the face according to the marketing material then it's likely to stain clothing, you could face criminal damage charges or civil damage claims.

If you were to ask a UK police officer; "Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?".
You are likely to be told, "The only fully legal self-defence product at the moment is a rape alarm. There are other self defence products which claim to be legal (non toxic sprays). However until a case is brought before the court we cannot say that they are legal. "
My boldening

You can be charged with serious assault of manslaughter is you accidentally injure your attacker or if he dies of a pre existing condition?
You can be sued by your attacker for damaging their clothes?

This country is bordering on comedy worthy of Laurel and Hardy.

And that last bit about the rape alarm? Go back to the linked police forum and read the post that describes them as useless.

It seems some doormen use these in their professional capacity. Look at this story:

I was arrested for using Dye witness on a female who was kicking me. It was not her I was arrested for it was the mother who got some on her clothes whilst trying to drag the daughter away.
Needless to say I was not happy with the arrest nor was I happy at my DNA, fingerprints being taken and house searched for section 5 firearms.
All charges were dropped immediately then the manager of the bar I work banned us all from carrying Dye witness or Stoppa red because in his words "The licencing officer had, had words with him".

On the other hand I and 8 other DS were sprayed indiscriminately with pepper spray by a panicking special constable the other week and my only recourse was a police complaint and an informal resolution.
One law for one and one law for another springs to mind.

I really do hate this fucking country.

On a lighter note, I'm off to Portugal for a week at the end of April. After that, I'm hoping to get back on the blog full time.

Until then, be excellent to one and other.


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