The tidiest ransacking ever. Ever!

I'm hideously late to this one, as I started the draft and then plum forgot about it. Better late than never, I suppose...

Shocking video has emerged of mask-wearing pro-Trump thugs ransacking a socialist bookshop in London, wearing ‘Make Britain Great Again’ hats.
Imagine a ransacking. What comes to mind? Something like this?

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 Or maybe this?

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Well that's not what happened in the Socialist Bookshop. Watch the video to see what an idiot left wing journalist thinks is a ransacking

The actions of these people might be questionable, but they were also inevitable. Left wing groups have been attacking anyone who disagrees with them, shouting them down on social media and in public, closing businesses, demanding resignations and applying outright violence

It was only a matter of time until people not on the Left responded in kind

And this isn't even in kind. Compared to how Left wing protestors behave, this was like tea and crumpets on the lawn

Of course when the Left do it, the Left wing media ignore it, but when the Right do it, it gets described in newspapers using extremely inflammatory and over exagurated language like this:

Shocking video
noisey mob
bursting into
Far Right
Pro Trump

One shirtless man [...] is shown in the video gleefully chanting "Fuck Communism"
That's a sentiment I can get right behind,
The Left are constantly chanting "Fuck Fascism", but they are never pulled up for it as though it's wrong, even though the Left barely understand what Fascism actually is. Why then do we villify someone for chanting "Fuck Communism", a philosophy just as evil as Fascism?

The men refused to leave the shop despite staff asking them repeatedly to do so
Maybe they picked up their manners from the Left? Would a Left wing protest leave private property if asked to do so? Would it F....

Fortunately no one was hurt
Of course not. Because barely anything happened


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