Trump is coming home

And Shuiab Khan of the Lancashire Telegraph does not like it

The bulk of his article is about the football. The usual about how the lads did us proud and all that stuff. And also, football isn't coming home this time but it is next time. You know the script

It would have been the perfect, off the shelf "Well done England", football article, if it wasn't for the dig at Donald Trump in the final paragraph

And then our bad luck returned with a vengeance. England go out of the World Cup and the next day we have Donald Trump these shores telling us that a lot of Brits agree with this stance on immigrants.
You couldn’t make this up.
What an extremely and utterly depressing end to the week. 

What a weird thing to say. Many Brits do agree with his stance on immigrants. His stance being, that if you are going to come to America, do it legally and follow the proper channels. What's not to agree with?

Many Brits live in areas that have been severely badly affected by uncontrolled immigration, so they would more than likely go further than Trumps message of 'do it legally' and say that if you don't have anything to offer and only want to come here for the welfare payments, stay the hell away

Shuiab Khan is one of those people who dislikes Trump, not because of anything he has done or is doing, but because it fits the lefty narrative to do so. He's also one of those people who think we all agree with his opinions and if anyone doesn't, they must be 'Far Right'.

I felt it was necessary to add a scathing comment to this article

I wonder why? It's mostly just the usual guff about 'The Lads', apart from the bit about Trump at the end. Maybe he was expecting a drubbibg from the 'Far Right'?


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