Tobacco Control Whack-A-Moles

Why do I call them Whack-A-Moles? Because every time you bash one down, another immediately pops up

Case in point:

New Jersey Beach Smoking Ban Bill Introduced Again

Tobacco control really is just a fraudulent racket. 'Again', means the bill has been defeated before, but up pops another Whack-A-Mole, and it's introduced again

Yet another bill—at least the second of this year—has been introduced that will try to ban smoking at all public beaches in New Jersey.
It's not even a second attempt, maybe with major alterations, that would require it's re-introduction, it's 'Yet another bill'

Last week, S.2534 was introduced and passed by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. The bill will extend a current beach smoking ban bill to include all public beaches. In 2016, a beach smoking ban was passed, but it only covered state-owned public beaches. Then-governor Chris Christie vetoed language that would have banned smoking at public city and county beaches.

Since then, multiple bills have tried—and failed—to extend the beach smoking ban.
Multiple bills. These people are relentless. Every time they face defeat, they just pop back up and try again, until they wear down the opposition

And what happens when they finally win? How many bills will be introduced to repeal the smoking ban?

Not one