Tackling chilhood obesity the Pendle way

There's always someone who wants to be seen to be doing something, even if it's bollocks

Ice cream sellers and other street food traders could have to keep more than 100 metres away from schools under new council rules.
Pendle Council is set to change its street trading policy to help improve child safety and tackle obesity.
Making children walk a bit to get an iced cream might help with their weight, but they would probably need to work a mile or more to burn of an average 99

I don't see how it helps with their safety though, making them walk away from the school to get their treat, they might get run over or something

The proposals include giving all traders child sexual exploitation safeguarding training and asking them to submit a basic disclosure check prior to initial and renewal applications. 
That will probably do more to help tackle obesity than moving the vans down the road. Paying for this crap will probably double the price of iced cream. The vendors will have to start selling fags under the counter to make ends meet

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal, leader of Pendle Council, said the alterations would benefit both traders and children. 
 It will of course, do neither
 Take a look at the smug bastard:

He's all about tackling the non-existant problem of chilhood obesity, yet has rather different views when it comes to cruelty to animals


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