Mini Walking Billboards

I've heard some shite...

“Cigarette package are one of the last things the industry can legally market in Canada,” explained Oxford County public health youth co-ordinator Michelle Alvey. “The cigarette packs are like walking mini billboards.

No they're not. They're like mini cardboard boxes that are in peoples pockets or bags. I don't know about Canada, but over here, even the ones in shops are covered up

This is only a very short article, but there's plenty off scary stuff in it, the scariest being: "public health youth co-ordinator". There's nothing that appeals to old time fascism, like teaching kids to bully adults

I hope these kids grow up to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Or at least thoroughly ashamed of the rent seeking, sock puppet adults who put them up to it, although they do look old enough to be thinking for themselves, to me.

They are designed to appeal to genders and downplay warnings, and make tobacco more appealing to youth.

When are the tobacco companies actually going to grow a set and start suing people who make these ridiculous claims?

What the Health? members take on a variety of causes, including tobacco use, mental health, nutrition and distracted driving.
Next generation nannies. Mental health? Might want to look at yourselves first

And what the fuck a bunch of schoolgirls know about distrcted driving is beyond me