Doing the Pay Gap Shuffle.

Apparently, we're really bad at it

UK lags behind dozens of developed countries in WEF gender gap report

Lagging behind dozens of developed countries sounds bad, but for two reasons, it really isn't.
The simplest reason is, that if you put a number of similar things in a table of descending order, every thing has to be higher and lower than other things, apart from obviously the top and bottom ones. Each item low on the table, may only have very subtle differences to items much further up the table
If we created a table of what time the sun comes up in each country based on GMT, Britain would lag behind many other countries

Ranking every country in this manner makes for much better headlines

The second reason is because it's a 'Gender gap' report. In other words, a report about something that isn't really a problem and largely can't be helped, much like the time when the sun comes up

The UK has received a damning bill of health in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) latest gender gap report, trailing dozens of other countries in areas like primary education, economic participation and healthcare, at a time when the Government is battling a slew of sexual abuse allegations.

This really grips my shit at the moment. Brexit is probably the most important thing to affect our country in a long time and for a long time, yet too many people are far too concerned about who touched who's knee in the past.
We really need to get some priorities in order and they ain't some historical flirting being mistaken for sexual assault and they ain't some worthless report on how everything is so bad for the fairer sex

Out of the 144 countries examined by the WEF, the UK scraped into 15th spot behind G20 peers France and Germany. It made up five places on 2016, but still performed far more poorly than many developed countries in several categories.

So we were bumped up five places since last year? But that's not good enough because we are still at 15th place and behind some other nearby countries. See above about making meaningless tables

The UK ranked only 53rd on economic participation and opportunity, largely because of the gaping divide in unpaid work between the sexes. The report showed that 57 per cent of all work that UK women do is unpaid, compared to just 32 per cent for men.

57 per cent of all work that UK women do is unpaid? Over half? There must be some mechanic here that I'm unaware of, like classing housework or child rearing as work, but I'll be damned if I know what it is. Can anyone enlighten me?

It also found that the mean monthly women’s earnings were just 66 per cent of men’s, putting the UK in 95th spot overall for estimated earned income.

And therin lies the problem; using averages to calculate a pay gap. Across society, women do earn a lower average wage, because men do all the seriously dirty and dangerous jobs that command higher wages. Also, men don't take years off work on maternity. For more on this, see here and here

“Today’s research … provides more evidence that our economy does not see women,” said Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party.

“We can only change this by challenging the knee-jerk response to so many of these studies: that women should up-skill themselves and join men at the ‘top table’. It’s time to stop blaming the women,” she told The Independent.

We're not blaming women. We're not blaming men. There is nothing to blame. It's just a thing. Like the sun coming up in the morning, it just happens. It's feminists and campaigners that need to stop placing blame, not the rest of us

It's illegal to pay women less than men for the same job. That's what does these feminist loons in; it's not something they can complain about, because it's already covered, so instead, they have to base their ramblings on a society wide average, which is the only way they can show a difference, even though it's a legal and easily explainable one

When a man and woman do the same job for the same period of time, they get paid the same. By law. These campaigners want the woman to continue to be paid the same as the man, even after taking two or three years off over time, to have children and demanding child friendly hours on their return, when the man has been putting in the hours, not missing work and keeping up with his skills and training

They want the woman to take the same out as the man, but not to have to put the same in. To me, that's the kind of discrimination we need to fight

As demonstrated by:

“The fact that the global gender equality gap is getting wider not narrower should sound alarm bells for all of us,” Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, one of the UK’s largest charities promoting women’s rights, told The Independent.
“We need better quality part-time jobs. All jobs should be flexible by default unless there is a good business reason for them not to be.”

If this woman wants there to be better part time jobs and more flexible jobs, I would suggest she starts a company rather than works for a rather pointless charity. Women do not get to demand better jobs or more flexible arrangements from the people who do provide jobs. And neither do men

Better jobs are available. Flexible working arrangements are also available or can be negotiated for. The trouble is, if you want these jobs and perks, you have to be worth it for an employer to give them to you

The only person who can make yourself worth it, is you. The only real way to close the gender pay gap is for women to become qualified and then take jobs working in some of the dirty, smelly and dangerous jobs that put up the average male wage

They could also do those top dog cheif exec and boardroom jobs that they are always bleating on about, but again, they need to be good enough and many women are. Boardrooms are not totally devoid of women, they're just in a minority. That's because if women are good enough to do those jobs and actually want to, there's nothing in their way

Because it also comes down to wanting to do the high paid jobs. Women are not minorities in these areas because nobody will give them jobs in them, it's because they don't want to work in them. We can't counter that by demanding that someone in a low paid job gets paid the same as a highly skilled technician, just because of some societal wide pay gap that feminists don't or won't understand

Dr Carole Easton, chief executive of UK charity the Young Women’s Trust, also called for urgent action to tackle inequalities, particularly in the workplace.

She said that there should be more opportunity for flexible working and urged firms to be penalised if they fail to accurately report pay gaps.

“Right from the start of their careers, far too many women in the UK continue to face disadvantage, discrimination and a lack of support in the workplace,” she said.

Bunkum. Women face nothing different to men. Women make different choices to men. Women are different to men

None of that is discrimination. It just is.

We need to put this gender pay gap idea to bed, once and for all. Trying to fix the unbroken is going to cause major issues to businesses and eventually make women unemployable altogether


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