Not the dark web

This weeks Guardian question we attempt to answer:

Because the Internet was created by and is largely maintained by, white westerners.


Why are these guilt ridden pea-brains so obsessed with 'whiteness'? Why does everything have to be about race, even technology?
We recently passed a milestone in the history of human connectivity – people online now ​make up the majority​ of the world’s population. This has largely gone unnoticed, but it is an important moment and not just for statistical reasons.
Good news. The Internet is a wonderful thing and a powerful tool. That more people than ever have access to it, must be a good thing. Right?
research by us for the ​Geonet project at the Oxford Internet Institute​ shows that web content remains heavily skewed towards rich, western countries.
So? The Internet began in rich western countries. The Internet has not been around that long, in the grand scheme of things and is only now starting to make it's presence really felt in countries much further afield than the rich western countries where it began

As is the norm with these race-baiting do-gooders with a chip on their shoulder, anything the white man created through his own effort, must instantly become a human right for the black man without any struggle at all

It's like the cheap clothes made in factories abroad where the workers are paid a couple of pence. Race campaigning whack jobs think the people in these under developed countries should be entitled to everything we enjoy in 'rich western countries', without having to go through their own industrial revolution and struggle their own way up the prosperity ladder. We should be giving them everything they want on a plate right now
All of sub-Saharan Africa combined, despite having 10% of the world’s internet users, ​registers only 0.7% of the world’s domain names​ (a good proxy for how much web content is produced) and 0.5% of the world’s commits (or revisions) to GitHub (a proxy for how much computer code people write and share in a place). France alone produces 5.7 times more GitHub commits and 3.4 times more domain registrations than all the sub-Saharan countries.
What has ever come out of sub-Saharan Africa? Electricity? The horseless carriage? Radio? Flight? Space Travel? The 16k RAM chip? The Internet?
No. So why are we expecting Internet traffic to be any different? The Internet was created in the west, by white westerners. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Internet is going to be awash with content created by white westerners

Sub-Saharan Africa it not going to have it's own chunk of the Internet until Sub-Saharan Africa starts to create Internet content. It's not a closed shop, anyone can have a go. Nothing will be achieved by simply whining that life is so unfair for the poor black folks
  Anasuya Sengupta ​is the co-founder and coordinator of ​Whose Knowledge? – a global, multilingual campaign to reimagine the internet to be for and from us all. She is supported by a fellowship from the Shuttleworth Foundation for this work
The Internet is already for us all. It will soon be from us all. If Ms Sengupta wants to help that happen, maybe she should go out there and create something on the Internet, rather than campaigning that those who have already done it for themselves, be force to do it for her too


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