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Couple left stranded on way to airport in Cyprus after driver overcome with mystery illness, left traumatised.

Oh noes! A holiday nightmare! How did they ever get home?

After a two weeks in Cyprus, Scott Majury and his partner Kerryanne Smith were making their way back to the airport when their taxi driver was taken ill at the side of the road.

"It was very strange, about 40 minutes into the journey the driver stopped and got out to speak with someone on a red moped.
"Then he asked if we wanted a drink and stopped at a garage.
Mr Majury said: "On his way back to the car he was staggering and swaying all over the place, he looked like he was drunk.
"As he went to get in the car he fell onto the front seat.
"At first it looked like he was laughing then my girlfriend said he was having a fit.
"I jumped over into the front seat to see if he was alright and he looked like he was choking.
"We rang for an ambulance but no help was coming so some of the locals drove his taxi to the hospital.
"We were left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

In the middle of nowhere. With a garage. And locals. And with a phone. Oh dear

"My girlfriend was crying and saying what are we going to do we're going to miss our flight.

With apparently no concern for the fate of the taxi driver

"We managed to get a taxi...

So you weren't stranded then?

but he charged us the equivalent of £66 for a journey that we had paid for in the price of the holiday.
Of course he charged you, he wasn't a charity taxi driver and the holiday company hadn't paid him in advance

"To top it all off, I was searched and swabbed for drugs at the airport because I was so panicked I must have looked suspicious.
"I was really embarrassed, they could have taken me someone private to do it.

Oh grow up, that happens all the time. It's bollocks, granted, but it's not unusual. It's happened to Mrs Bucko that often that it's become a private joke to us when we're in an airport. She's obviously made of sterner stuff than this chap though, because she's never been left embarrassed or traumatised

Mr Majury has contacted his holiday provider who have returned the money they paid for the taxi.
So no problem at all then? Nothing to see here, move along

"It is good of them to offer but it does not make up for the trauma of what we went through.
"It was really shocking and scary, you would have to be put in that situation to understand.

Oh for fucks sake! Is this what we've come to? I hope we never get invaded

At least they get a good old tubbing in the comments. Why do papers keep giving column space to these muppets?


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