Friday Tunes - Workday Blues

Happy Friday folks, and welcome once again to music on a Friday night at Moose Meadows

Notice the upbeat tone there? I've had another hellish day at work and am trying to stay positive. I shouldn't complain really. Having more work coming in than we can possibly handle means my job is secure for the time being, but still, you'd think they could employ a bit of extra help

The funny thing is, they can't. They've been crying out for extra staff for a year now and nobody is interested. I think we've employed every Polish person in the region. They're fine, but now that just leaves the English folk and English folk with the skills to be a packer in a warehouse on the going rate, would rather be on the dole

I got told off today. Someone who doesn't do their job so well, got me so wound up by not doing their job so well, I got a little bit frustrated with them. She cried and told my boss I was being nasty. I said to him that you can't fault me for getting frustrated with someone who goes out of their way to frustrate me, even though it may offend their delicate sensibilities

Anyhoo, enough of that. I'm off for a few scoops round town in a bit and I'm looking forward to it as it's not often I get out these days, but in the spirit of this week, here's some songs about getting pissed off at work

"I'm runnin' down the road trying to loosen my load."

I aint runnin' down any road but there's always a load to loosen. Usually one created by some bugger who will clock off at 5 and go straight to the pub without a care in the world. I get that feeling when I open my wage packet and look at the amount of tax the buggers have taken. I work hard for that money and I don't even get to touch it before they nick it. I did ask our HR girl if she could make my position self employed but she said no. Bollocks.

That song comes from the album, "Dolly Partons Greatest tits". I heard she collapsed on stage once and it took four guys to carry her off - Two abreast.
What's this?
It's two men walking abreast.

Bloody taxes. The Beatles understood.

Here's another. What's this?

It's four elephants sniffing a bun.

Actually, if you listen to the lyrics, it's not five'oclock somewhere, it's either half past four or half past five. Just a pedant
He's talking about getting off on his boat and going to somewhere hot, which I would love to do as it's done nothing but rain this summer, which doesn't make it any easier

At least the delicious Shirley Manson likes it when it rains

This one was suggested by Barry in the Smokey Drinkey Bar. It's nothing to do with the work I do, by the way

This is more like it

And this one. Although it's more of a Warehouse. But who cares? Eh?

I'm off down the pub now, for a good few scoops. I deserve it. Tomorrow it's work again, but working on my car, so that's ok