No distance is great enough

So by now my reader is aware that I'm having it large in sunny Greece. It's so hard to care over here. I've been on holiday for a week so far and haven't read a single newspaper or watched any news. I've no idea what's going on back home and it's so difficult to care

The Government is probably fucking things up like they always do and no doubt still making a royal balls up of Brexit. The nanny state has probably increased by a week and folk back home are no doubt still getting their piss boiled by the unstoppable meddling of the powers that be. For me, all that can wait until I get back home

I'm surprised at just how much I've fannied about this morning, getting ready for a walk into town for breakfast. If this was a workday, I'd be at least two hours late, getting ready at this pace. In Greece though, things get done when they get done

Wherever you are though, you only need to open your eyes for five minutes to realise you're still living in a world of shit. The Greeks are not living the idyllic lifestyle of the British holidaymaker. They have it really bad over here.

The economy is on it's arse, there are no jobs and the Government does not have a clue. They're dabbling is setting wage limits in the private sector, everything is cash because of capital controls on the banks; the Government set a limit on the amount of money you can withdraw from Greek banks every week. Nobody is earning much, but they're still being chased for taxes. Tobacco taxes are all over the place

It doesn't matter how far you travel, there's always a Government around to fuck things up

I did discover yesterday though, that if you walk for long enough, you'll find yourself in the magical land of Narnia:

Maybe We'll meet a family of happy beavers...


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