The Non-Existent Gender Pay Gap

Let's begin the week with some bleating about equal pay for women
Fairer pay for women must be backed up by stronger policies at work, according to Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg.
But the firm's chief operating officer, in an interview for BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, said the first step is to "start paying women well".
What is it with Facebook? Zuckerberg is turning into a raving Liberal idiot across the pond and now we've got Sandberg (Who I've never heard of), moaning about the non-existent gender pay gap.

Women get paid less than men. Across the whole of society, average wages for women are lower than those of men, yet women through choice, don't work across the whole of society.

Women as a rule, tend to avoid the dirty, smelly, manual, outdoor jobs that pay decent wages because of the conditions. Men take on these jobs and reap the financial benefits. Women take on the clean, indoor jobs in nice offices, with cups of tea and sandwiches for lunch, then they moan that they are not being paid as much as a bloke who comes home from work covered in shit at the end of every day. Pay gap! Discrimination!

If a woman starts work in the same job as a man and at the same time, she gets paid the same. To be paid less would be discrimination and that is illegal

As the man and woman progress through their careers for the next ten years or so, the woman might have had three years out of work to have kids. They will then demand child friendly hours so they can do the school run. They will go home whenever their child bumps it's head or has a cough
They won't put in the hours their male colleagues do and they will miss large chunks of training and experience when they are away from work raising children.

That's why they end up getting paid less, on average. It's not a feminist issue, it's not gender discrimination, it's not a problem. It's simply one of the fundamental differences between men and women
She said: "We start telling little girls not to lead at a really young age and we start to tell boys [to] lead at a very young age. That is a mistake."
No. We. Don't. Who tells children that? Nobody tells children that. Where the hell does she get that idea from? Sounds like she's as batshit crazy as Zuckerberg
"We need to start paying women well and we need the public and the corporate policy to get there," she said."Certainly, women applying for jobs at the same rate as men, women running for office at the same rate as men, that has got to be part of the answer."
Women are already being paid what they are worth, just like men. As for women applying for jobs, you can't force women to fill in application form.

And why is it always the cushy jobs? Running for office? Why not, working on the bins?

But let's be honest, it's not equality that these feminists are asking for, it's a leg up. They're not asking for women to be treated equally in the work place. They don't want their CVs to have a fair hearing or their qualifications and experience to be recognised, because that already happens. They want an easy route into a cushy job with none of the effort and dedication their male counterparts are required to show.

That's why we only hear bleating about a lack of women in nice positions. How good would it be to be able to secure a high paying job in a cushy office with a secretary, based on your genital status alone? Why do we never hear feminist types bleating about the lack of women in civil engineering?

Ok, they may occasionally pine for women in the nicer spots like architectural or management, but they wouldn't dream of kicking up a stink about the lack of female tipper truck drivers. They don't care that the people operating heavy machinery like graders and earth movers are predominantly men. Jobs like these are well paid and highly sought after by the men who can do them. They're also outdoors, often in bad weather and quite dirty.

There may well be a gender pay gap in average wages across society, but there's no inequality in wages. People are paid what they are worth


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