So it seems we're going to war with Equador

That Assange fellow has been granted political asylum by Ecuador and the British Government has thrown it's dummy out.

Apparently they have come up with some obscure law that allows them to enter the Ecuador embassy and arrest that Assange fellow. To use this obscure law for that reason would fly in the face of international treaty and etiquette and certainly create a diplomatic incident.

I'm not sure of my opinion of that Assange fellow, however from what I know, It seems the sexual assault charges in Sweden are heavily trumped up. The British Government won't allow that to bother them though, they have been given an arrest warrant and intend to blindly carry it out.

The European Arrest Warrant and our extradition treaty with the USA are totally one sided, putting the British people at a distinct disadvantage. The Government don't care about that though, they will just do as they are told so they can go on pretending they are still an influential world power.
A Foreign Office spokeswoman said the UK had a legal duty to extradite Mr Assange and that would not change if he was granted political asylum.

She said: 'It does not change our position. Our legal position is not changing at all.

'Our position is that we have a duty to extradite him, even if he is granted political asylum.
Don't they go on eh? Blindly and inflexibly parroting the same statement over and over.

They have no legal obligation now, he's Ecuador's problem. Why can't they just tell Sweden that they have missed the boat and any further discussions should take place with Ecuador?

Because they have to do as they are told.
Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patino said: ‘This is unbecoming of a democratic, civilised and law abiding state...
Britain ceased to be a democratic, civilised and law abiding state a long time ago. They make the laws up as they go along and if they were still democratic and civilised, blogs like this and all the others on my sidebar would not exist.

Well done to Ecuador for standing up to our lot. I wonder how this will turn out?

One to watch....


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