Lite bites

NHS 'brand' could be sold abroad to generate income, says government
Hospitals are to be encouraged by the government to sell their services abroad, setting up clinics with the famous NHS brand to pull in much-needed cash for the health service from overseas.
The famous NHS brand? I spilled my cornflakes reading that this morning.

If the NHS were a brand named pair of jeans for example, the material would be frayed, the seams would be splitting, the pockets too deep, the legs too tight and the arse too big. (Having said that, I bet some kids would pay £100 per pair for those)

The NHS brand is a bottomless money pit, top heavy management, not enough doctors and nurses, waste and filth borne disease. It's also about discrimination of people who actually want to use the service they have paid for if their ailments can be blamed on lifestyle choice.

I seriously doubt anyone on the world market would be interested in buying the NHS 'brand'.

Did Trabant try to compete with Ford and Vauxhall?