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I received an email notification of two new comments on my post about the Canadian couple who are petrified of ciggie smoke from their neighbours yard.

Both comments were from two separate blogger profiles, yet both comments were identical. Here it / they are:
There is a law, NO SMOKING WITHIN 7 METERS OF A PUBLIC BUILDING ENTRANCE. This should include the entrances of peoples homes!!!

I live in a townhouse and my neighbors chain smoke! We all suffer the consequences. My toddlers cant play on our patio. We cant open windows... It is hell. We are trying to move.

Cigarettes are nasty, and all you smokers defending your cigarettes are disgusting. Shame on you. If you want to kill yourself, then dont take others with you - take your cigarettes and smoke them away from others. Sickos. Selfish. Denial.
I post the comment here because when I went to the original post to reply, I saw this:

Two identical comments, two separate blogger profiles, both posted and both removed.

If the author of a comment decides they have change their mind and want to removed it, the host still gets to see a copy of it. This is the first time I have ever decided to make a comment public after it has been deleted. This one deserves a response, not just by me but by others, smoking and non.

Mr Lil Movie Buff / Elliot Richards* - ""I live in a townhouse and my neighbors chain smoke! We all suffer the consequences."" Nobody suffers any consequences. The only consequences are in your mind; they are created by the Tobacco Control Industry and are fed to people like yourself in order to further the cause.

I would strongly urge you not to just swallow all the scare stories but have a look at the subject yourself. The history of tobacco control is a fascinating one, and gaining a little knowledge may free you from your unwarranted fears. Like these:

""My toddlers cant play on our patio. We cant open windows..."" Your toddlers can play on your patio and you can open your windows. Go ahead. A person smoking close by in the outdoors will have absolutely no affect on you or yours.

I would doubt that you could even smell tobacco smoke from your neighbours property, let alone breathe it in. It becomes hugely diluted the minute it's breathed out and then disappears into nothing within seconds.

Second hand smoke is one of the great tobacco control myths. Even the world health organisation said it in their big SHS study that was conducted, released ad quietly forgotten.

And that's indoors. SHS outdoors is just bordering on the silly. I presume your toddlers play on the patio and you have the window open when cars drive past? Think of all the other contaminants in the air that you are exposed to and try to look at tobacco smoke as a part of the whole. How much danger can it possibly cause.

""Cigarettes are nasty, and all you smokers defending your cigarettes are disgusting. Shame on you. Sickos. Selfish. Denial."" We used to live in a society of smokers and non-smokers. We all got along. The Tobacco Control Industry has created a generation of anti-smokers, people who speak with hatred, who call smokers disgusting and other names. Can you see what you've become when you attack people like that?

Smokers are doing you no harm at all. We don't want to do you harm, we just want to be left alone.

Smokers are not selfish. We want the right to smoke on our own property without harassment. We want the right to associate with other smokers on private property in pubs without being made to stand outside. The world is big enough for all of us, yet it's the anti-smokers who are being selfish by dictating what we do on private property, taking away our choices and judging our lifestyle.

If there is a law about smoking 7 metres away from a public building then it's a silly one. It's also one of the many silly laws created by the Tobacco Control Industry to take away the freedom of the individual.

What you fail to understand is that the removal of freedom from one group of people is a removal of freedom from everyone. What hurts me will one day hurt you. Smokers fight that. Will you?

*The picture is Brendan Fraser who played 'Elliot Richards' in the 2000 film, Bedazzled.


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