Lite Bites

Wisdom in the comments.

Balance North East
are once again demanding the tobacco control template be used against alcohol:
Research shows that drinking alcohol undermines the young brain’s ability to learn and is linked to lower GCSE scores.
Evidence also links alcohol marketing with children and young people drinking at an earlier age and in greater quantities.
Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is campaigning for greater restrictions on alcohol marketing to protect children and young people.
There is but one comment on this article:
4:39 PM on 12/07/2012

Evidence shows alcohol consumption is falling see:, also, the link to acedemic performance is described as "tenuous" see Pubs are closing all around us. We have laws relating to underage drinking, just enforce them and leave the rest of us alone.
Quite. And while some are denormalising alcohol, others are still pushing the Tobacco Control Industry agenda:

Playground smoking ban backed
PLAYGROUNDS must become smoke-free to improve children’s long-term health, according to NHS North Somerset.

It has joined forces with North Somerset Council to introduce a voluntary smoking ban to protect youngsters. Almost three quarters of parents polled by NHS North Somerset supported the idea.
Voluntary ban eh? I've been thinking of introducing a voluntary ban on smoking while reading The Moose. There, I just did it. There is now a voluntary ban on consuming any tobacco product while reading this blog.

Just kidding. My point is, there is already a voluntary ban on smoking in parks. Voluntary means you abide by it or you don't. The choice is yours.

I wonder if people who don't volunteer will find themselves harassed and bullied by a small army of busybodies?

Wouldn't surprise me