Guess what is more toxic than a car exhaust?

If you can't guess then you haven't been paying attention watch this video and find out:


"Three smouldering cigarettes give off more toxins than a two litre diesel"

Maybe this is the beginning of a counter argument to "Why don't we ban cars then"?

I suggest a little science experiment. I will sit in a car with the windows up and three cigarettes burning in an ashtray for half an hour.

This crackpot can sit in a two litre diesel for half an hour with a pipe from the exhaust going into the car.

After half an hour is past we can check who is the more dead.

I welcome any anti-smoker to join me in this experiment. As many of you as possible should take the diesel test while I breathe in the three cigarettes, just to make sure the experiment is infallible. (If you're unsure I'll happily let you use a one litre.)

If you want to listen to more of this nonsense, a whole series of these clips can be watched here


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