Friday night Moose music - Britpop edition

A bit late with the Moose music tonight. I had to take Mrs Bucko to a works do. Just as we turned up, the strap on her dress broke so I had to bring her home again to change, then take her to the do a second time.

Have you ever waited for a woman to get ready twice? I couldn't even have a beer to numb the pain as I was driving.

I went to a restaurant and on the specials board they had, "Oasis soup". When I asked the waitress what it was she told me its got a roll with it.

The main course was "Chicken Tarka". She told me it is similar to chicken Tikka but it's otter.

I used to love the original rivalry between Blur and Oasis. I preferred Blurs music but could never understand what they were talking about. The Gorillaz were pants though.

Quality tune that one, but Jarvis Cocker ain't half ugly eh?

Morrisseys music never did anything for me. I can tolerate this one because a mates band does a good version.

This is a band I don't listen to often enough. I've not heard this track in ages, glad I dug it out.

This one wasn't even in my collection. That's an oversight that needs correcting asap. I also like We are Young. Just because it mentions...shhh...fags.

I just had to do another Garbage. Shirley Manson is dreamy.


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