WTF is a young fuel poverty champion?

Haslingden student takes fuel campaign to Commons
A HASLINGDEN High student has taken her campaign to highlight hardship among children to the House of Commons.
Polly Courtney, 13, is a young fuel poverty champion for the National Children’s Bureau (NCB).
What on earth is a 'Fuel Poverty Champion' and who on earth are the National Childrens Bureau?

Well apparently a Fuel Poverty Champion is something that was *snigger* supposed to be scrapped as part of the bonfire of the quangos that never happened.

And as for the National Childrens Bureau, it's another taxpayer funded fake charity. Unlike other similar fake charities, this one doesn't just use children in it's advertising, it actively sends children out to lobby government.

So what is this child lobbying for?
She called on the government to use carbon tax revenue to make UK households more energy-efficient.
Oh jeez! Priorities kid. How about scrapping the carbon tax altogether so everybody can have lower fuel bills?

Myself, The Filthy Engineer and the good Captain can all tell you stories about trying to get our energy companies to stop charging us the social tarrif that goes straight into the pockets of government. Drop that and we will all be paying less.

I bet Polly was taught at school that global warming is bad and carbon taxes are good though. She will beleive in levying a tax on all then giving some back to some is better than no or lower taxes accross the board, like a good little socialist.
At the reception held in support of the Energy Bill Revolution drive, Polly, from Blackburn, said: “I became involved in this important campaign after reading at least a million children live in fuel poverty in the UK.
You've read the propaganda but do you understand what the figures really mean though?
The figures shocked me and I soon realised what the consequences would be if we don’t take action now.
“I strongly believe if everybody comes together to support this campaign we can create a sustainable future.”
Poverty is a word that has had it's meaning twisted to fit any of the latest trendy agendas. It used to mean the inability to feed and clothe yourself or access clean water and healthcare.

Now it means sacrificing a luxury in order to pay the bills. Bills which need not be as high as they are without the government interference.

Lobby for less tax girl, that's the way to a really sustainable future.


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