Lock up your belongings. Car thieves operate in this area.

Sensible advice? Yes it is.

Nobody has the right to make off with your property no matter how accessible you make it for them. Nevrtheless, taking precautions against theft is simply common sense.

Secure your home and car and you are less likely to loose something important to you. Precautions against theft are common place in modern society and nobody complains when the police have an awareness campaign.

And they have a lot of awareness campaigns.

We should have the right to leave our belongings lying about and unsecured if we want to, safe in the knowledge that they won't be touched by anyone else. That's not the world we live in though so we take care of our things.

Can this preventitive approach be applied to other crimes?

Shanghai Metro see-through dress ad campaign to tackle sexual harassment provokes outrage among women

Not sexual harassment it would seem.
[...] a campaign by Shanghai Metro to tackle sexual harassment on their trains, has led to cries of discrimination and sexism by angry feminists.

Posted on the metro operator's microblogging Weibo account, it urges ladies to pay attention to how they dress - adding that there are many perverts on the subway, so they have to show some 'self-respect'.
Angry feminists? I didn't want that image in my head.
A spokesman for the metro company denied allegations that the post justified sexual harassment, adding that it was intended as a 'kind reminder' to women, according to ANI news agency.
Yes. Secure your *ahem* belongings.

British angry feminists also disagree. From the comments:
Stop victim blaming! Maybe if the neanderthal man could learn some self control, women could do what they liked!

Here's something radical. How about a bombardment of adverts and campaigns released worldwide ramming it down men's throats that they cannot touch, sexually harrass or come into any kind of physical contact with a woman without her consent? But no. We are FOREVER blaming women for men's unwanted advances instead. How about THAT for a campaign???? Again it's a big, fat no as it's the woman's fault for being .... A WOMAN. Full stop.

It's not the way women dress that needs to be addressed, but rather the reason men think it is acceptable to assault women that show some skin.
It's a valid point that men should not put thier grubby fingers where they are not wanted but that includes both the person and the property.

Is encouragement to cover up the same as advice to lock your vehicle? What do you think?

And WTF is this one whacking on about?
A woman should be able to walk around in whatever she wants, regardless of how much flesh she displays, how tight the clothing is, or how much it shows off her boobs, bum, legs, etc... men should pay her attention at all times, compliment her on her appearance and secretly desire her as this is empowering and makes her feel good about herself - but if any of these men dare view her as purely a sexual object for their gratification because of the way she is dressed, they are to be vilified and demonized because of it.
Remember girls, keep your valuables out of sight!


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