BREAKING NEWS! Darwen is flooding

A pal phoned me up a short while ago asking if we were ok. It turns out the main road in Darwen is seriously flooding and he wanted to know if it was affecting us. Fortunately flood waters pass our house by, but as any blogger would do (After a few beers and with time on his hands) I popped down to take a look at what is going on.

It's worse than he described. The road is totally waterlogged and has been blocked off by the police and fire services. The flood waters have now entered peoples homes. I was talking to one guy who said his living room is like a swimming pool. He was surprisingly chipper for someone who has that kind of hassle to deal with.

I saw the chap who owns the sunbed shop desperately brushing water out of his premises. It was like trying to force back the tide with a small broom. There are going to be some mighty upset people in Darwen tomorrow morning. They have my unreserved sympathy.

This is the state of Darwen tonight:

From a friend of Mrs Bucko, this is the cellar of the Engineers pub:

And from Facebook, some people will always have a sense of humour :-)

I had to take another pair of pants off after photographing this :-(

Don't try driving in it.

Thanks to Gaz who was piloting the recovery vehicle.

*Update 2*

These are from the Bee radio station via Facebook. It's become worse since these were taken.

*Update 3*

Rochdale has it even worse

*Update 4*

This is the river opposite our house. It's normally about a foot deep. Fortunately for us it's too low down from our house to reach us.


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