The 'truth' about second hand smoke

I'm at me mams with Mrs Bucko for tea and I've taken five minutes with a beer and a barely bloody smokeable. I picked up a dead tree copy of our local paper, The Lancashire Evening Telegraph, to have a read with my enjoyables.

This caught my eye: (No link as it's not in the online copy)
Campaign over smokes welcome
A new campaign highlighting the truth behind second hand smoke has been welcomed by East Lancashire health consultants.
Wow, thought I. I would also welcome a campaign highlighting the truth behind second hand smoke, particularly one that is endorsed by health consultants. For too long we have been battered by junk science that has gone on to formulate illiberal policy and general smoker bashing. Bring on the truth!

Why is it that my naivety always gets the better of me? It must be my natural optimism about life.
A new series of radio and TV adverts show that smoking near a door or window is not enough to protect children from second hand smoke due to the large amounts of invisible chemicals. NHS East Lancashire currently commissions a scheme called 'smoke free home' to raise awareness about second hand smoke in the home.
So the 'truth' is not actually the truth. It more bollocks designed to make smokers guilty for smoking in their own property.

Presumably to encourage the idea of a smoking ban in the home and most definitely paid for by the taxpayer.

I need another beer!


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