It's not just battered wives who stick with their husbands

I've moaned often in the past about battered wives / girlfriends who insist on sticking with their partners while demanding state intervention. I know battered men exist too, just not to the same degree.

This chap though, extracts the proverbial urine.

A Hull man who was stabbed by his partner has tried to propose to her in court just after she was jailed for three years for the attack.

What a bell end!
Tiffany Baillie, 32, plunged a kitchen knife into Gregory Todd's back at their flat in Hessle, East Yorkshire, in December, Hull Crown Court heard.
She admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent at a previous hearing.
Chef Mr Todd, 48, brought an engagement ring to court on Wednesday in the hope Baillie would walk free.
You sir are an idiot. She stabbed you! Move on.


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