Didn't see that one coming

Online porn: Now Labour joins battle for automatic ban on Internet giants 'exploiting children'

Of course they do. This is exactly like Labour. This is just the kind of plan the authoritarian little shits would have come up with while they were in power. Labour hate free speech and free expression. They love censorship and the have no problems using 'the kiddies' to get what they want. This is just so Labour.
Labour say David Cameron's closeness to internet giant Google means the Government are too 'weak' to act
Can you see how this argument is going? Anyone who opposes the plans are now being referred to as an 'internet giant' who 'exploits children'. The internet Service providers have now become 'Big Web'. Google aren't even relevant to the argument, it's only because they oppose internet censorship on principle that they are now being targeted too.

And nobody is 'exploiting children'. Google and the ISP's don't make or supply porn. Even the companies that do make porn are making it for an adult audience, not for children. If unsupervised kids with an internet connection manage to see it, that's a matter for the parents.

Why we must force internet giants to stop exploiting our children 

Do you think these two media stooges from the Daily Mail will give us some good reasons for his nationwide censorship of the web, or will they just give us another round of scare tactics? You know the answer.
Ashleigh Hall was 17 when she was lured to her death by 32-year-old convicted rapist Peter Chapman. Although a registered sex offender, he was able to use Facebook to persuade Ashleigh to meet him, and went on to rape and murder her.
That's right. They begin the article by citing a story that has nothing to do with the conversation at hand.
This is one of many stories that demonstrates that currently we don’t have the right safety precautions online for our children. 
It shows nothing of the sort. All it shows is that the media are willing to use underhand tactics to bring an overly emotive dimension to this argument. One that sees all dissenters compared to hideous paedophiles who rape and murder children.

This is Tobacco Control being used to censor the web.


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